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Dear Reader

For very many years, The New Indian Express group allowed free access to its digital content, even as we fought against odds and dealt with new challenges while discharging our responsibility of providing objective news and analysis from across the country and the world.

Covid-19 has, however, made things more difficult for the media, prompting us to make a fundamental shift in our strategy in the hope that our valuable readers will stand by us in this moment of crisis. Beginning June 1st, the e-papers of all our editions will go under a pay wall, for a nominal price.

The annual subscription rate has been fixed at Rs 750 plus tax per edition and the readers will have the option to choose from over thirty editions we bring out on a daily basis.

Even as we continue our efforts to deliver quality journalism, free from biases and vested interests, we are sure you will understand the compelling circumstances in which we are seeking this support. We look forward to your patronage, as always.